About Us

RUBICON is a software development company from Sarajevo. We are a young and talented team who likes challenges. We are constantly looking for motivated persons who are interested in software development and who are willing to learn. Our offices are located at Mula Mustafe Baseskije 6 in Sarajevo.


At RUBICON, we are always looking for bright and motivated (cool) people to join our mobile development team. Our team is skilled and passionate and we have been developing mobile applications for more than 5 years now. 

Here are some of the skills our team is looking for:

  • Genuine interest in programming & learning;
  • Basic experience developing iOS or Android apps;
  • In case the candidate doesn’t have experience with iOS and Android development, experience with frameworks like Angular or React.js is required.

Since there are very few experience requirements, all applicants will be assigned a small test in order to be graded fairly. 

We only have 2 slots available, so send your application quickly to receive the test assignment.